Colourful wall clocks - Handmade in the UK since 1992

About these clocks
The clocks you see here on this site have been made by myself over the years, I am actually a wood turner by trade
and also make many other items using English hardwoods,


I have actually ceased making these particular clocks for the time being and I'm now making a new style of unique colourful clock
where they are made from various materials

All these pictures are just examples of the work I have done in the past


Please visit my
other web site
to see all my current work

black clock 1
black clock 5
black clock 6
black clock 4
red clock 1
red clock 4
red clock 7
red clock 3
yellow clock 1
yellow clock 4
orange clock 3
orange clock 5
orange clock 4
grey clock 8
grey clock 6
green clock 1
green clock 7
green clock 6
cream clock 3
cream clock 4
blue clock 4
blue clock 5
blue clock 6
blue clock 7
blue clock 8